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Meet Elizabeth Meeder 

Global Operational Excellence Leader – Animal Nutrition & Health  

After graduating from Cornell, Elizabeth joined Cargill as a Project Engineer. She recalls most of her male colleagues beginning as supervisors. She calls that role and her first year of her career a blessing in disguise. During that time, she was able to learn how production plants worked from the inside out. It’s through the various roles she held early in her career that she had amazing on-the-job training for being a great supervisor. She learned about leadership, management principles and working with the community. Through mentors, training and some company initiatives, Elizabeth has been able to find opportunities to grow her career. As a company, Cargill actively adjusts, changes and keeps reinventing the how and why of the way it works. Elizabeth says that the company-wide culture of open doors and growth in a variety of ways has applied directly to her career in Operations at Cargill. And that as part of the team, you can follow your dreams, your interests and your own path and create the type of career you want – no matter who you are.   

What do you think attracts people to a career at Cargill? 

I hire people from all around the world. One of the single, biggest things people tell me that attracts them to Cargill is the ability to grow your talents in a variety of different ways. You won’t get pigeonholed at Cargill.  

Do you feel you can make a difference at Cargill? 

If you want to make a real difference in the world, you do it through companies, through real work. As an Engineer, you can design or teach, but at Cargill, I’m in the thick of things, making a difference. I do real work that impacts the food chain and makes it better.  

Do you feel supported? 

I’ve found that when my coworker says they’re going to do something, they do it. That’s trust. That comes from hiring good people with good values and giving everyone here a variety of opportunities that challenge and stimulate. As well as having strong networks and mentors that make you feel supported. 

Is your career progression normal? 

I’m an example of an unusual career progression thanks to the opportunities provided by Cargill. I also had some great mentors who supported me, which isn’t unusual. I think I exemplify the flexibility you have here at Cargill and also the variety of opportunities you can pursue if you want to pursue them. 

Elizabeth's career path is: Global Operational Excellence Leader, Global Manufacturing Excellence Leader, Global Continous Improvement and Reliability Leader, Platform Reliability Leader, Salt Business Reliability Leader, Plant Manager One of the single, biggest things people tell me that attracts them to Cargill is the chance to grow. You can start in one discipline and go in a totally different direction. You can make your career what you want here. Elizabeth, Global Operational Excellence Leader Quote

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At Cargill, we know that our Operations team wins together. And that every diverse perspective and unique ability gives us strength. That's why we recognize our employees' achievements and work to give them the type of careers that fit what they want, with flexibility, inclusion and support for growth.

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