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Putting people first and placing a high importance on diversity and diverse perspectives are guiding principles of who we are. Across all aspects of our dynamic business model, Cargill is always looking for new professionals with integrity and a sense of innovation – those dedicated to nourishing the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Cargill is looking for people like you.

Corporate Strategy and Development

Strategy Meets Opportunity

In Corporate Strategy and Development (CSD), you’ll work on cross-functional projects and transactions to help Cargill resolve some of the biggest issues facing the world. You’ll team up with internal and external partners to apply world-class strategies that make a meaningful impact within Cargill and the agricultural industry. Opportunities in this category include Corporate Strategy, the Internal Consulting Group, Corporate Development, and the Mergers and Acquisitions Group. Roles range from Intern to Associate and are open to current MBA students and graduates. We’re focused on developing the talent that will solve the issues of tomorrow, and we can help you grow the skills needed to take you wherever you want to go.

Preferred Majors: Graduate Degree – MBA or a related degree.

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Merchandising and Trading

Be Where the Action Is

As an Intern or Associate in Merchandising and Trading, you will work for one of the world’s largest and most respected commodity trading firms. This experience is invaluable and will put you on the path to an exciting and rewarding career. From trading agricultural commodities such as corn, wheat, soybeans, animal feed and biodiesel, to participating in broader strategy initiatives such as business development and project management, you will establish relationships with internal and external customers while learning and developing in a dynamic and energizing environment. The ideal candidates for internships or full-time positions manage risk, challenge the status quo and are driven to succeed.

Preferred Majors: Open to all majors including Business, Economics, Finance or Agricultural Economics.

Program Benefits

No matter who you are or where you are, we have resources to meet your needs. As an Intern, you’ll have access to a wide variety of programs to support you and help you succeed. Eligible programs and incentives include:

Training and Development

Our University Program provides you with training, mentorship, networking and exposure to leadership that will benefit you now and into your future career.

Mental Health and Wellbeing Program

Work, family, relationships — sometimes it’s a challenge to balance everything in your life and not feel overwhelmed. We have got resources to help.

Digital Learning Library

With comprehensive learning resources at your disposal, you can take your learning in any direction.

Housing and Relocation for Those who Qualify

Our housing and relocation assistance programs reduce barriers and create ease in taking the next step in your career.

Finance and Accounting

Opportunities You Can Count On

Accounting and Finance Interns and Associates make vital contributions to every aspect of what we do at Cargill. You will have the opportunity to make an impact through cross-functional collaboration and by applying your unique perspective to real issues and challenges across global teams. Our early career programs are designed to help build important fundamental skills across various Accounting, Finance and Risk Management teams. Throughout an internship program or robust three-year Finance Associate Rotational program, early career professionals in Accounting, Finance and Risk Management are immersed in the kind of comprehensive learning environment that will jump-start their career at Cargill.

Preferred Majors: Accounting (most preferred), Finance, Statistics, Economics, Mathematics, or a related degree.

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Tomorrow’s Leaders Start Here

Management Interns and full-time Associates apply a diverse set of skills and knowledge across responsibilities ranging from business areas such as Risk Management to Pricing or Supply Chain. You will develop relationships with both clients and colleagues while learning to understand the complex world of formulation, bulk logistics, trading, pricing and end-to-end supply chain needs, while gaining in-depth knowledge of profit and loss and almost everything in between.

Risk Management & Sourcing (RMS), Pricing and Supply Chain make up our Management Associate program paths that focus on developing you and your career. These career paths can lead to you becoming a key contributor or taking on a supervisory position within Cargill North America’s Animal Nutrition. We also provide the flexibility to move into Sales, Production Management or Special Project assignments based on your interests and personal skill development plan. We are always looking for people driven to grow, support, think and produce. Leaders like you are our future. Let us help you get there.

Preferred Majors: Agribusiness, Finance, Business Administration, Supply Chain, Agricultural Economics or General Business.

Career Path

Decide Where You Want To Go

Corporate Strategy Associate Intern
Corporate Strategy Associate
sanchit headshot

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, MBA

Corporate Strategy Senior Associate
Biogas Commercial Lead (North America)

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Economics The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, MBA

Commodity Merchant Associate Nebraska
Merchant II
Merchant I Indiana
emily headshot

University of Missouri-Columbia, Agricultural Economics

Merchant III and Sustainability Coordinator
Sustainability Coordinator

University of Missouri-Columbia, Agricultural Economics

Merchant Associate Winnipeg, MB
Canola Meal Merchant Winnipeg, MB
evan headshot

University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce, Major: Finance

Canola Crush Merchant Winnipeg, MB
Regional Grain Leader Edmonton, AB

University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce, Major: Finance

Operations Management Associate-Beef and Grind Calgary
Finance Associate Rotation 2: Planning & Reporting
Finance Associate Rotation 1: Financial Planning & Analysis
al headshot

Kansas State University

Finance Associate Rotation 3: Financial Risk Management
Management Accounting and Reporting Senior Analyst

Kansas State University

Business Manager Kansas, Tennessee
Assistant District General Manager Colorado
Worldwide Merchandising Manager Minnesota
District General Manager Indiana
larry headshot

Kansas State University, Economics

Regional Business Manager Kansas
US Pricing and Formulation Manager
US Risk Management and Sourcing Director
Pricing Director North America

Kansas State University, Economics

Salt Supply Chain Intern Wayzata, Minnesota
Supply Chain Rotational Associate Minneapolis, Minnesota
Production Scheduler Cleveland, Ohio
tommy headshot

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Operations & Technology and Supply Chain Management

Operations Supervisor Calgary
Senior Supply Chain Optimization Analyst

University of Wisconsin-Madison, Operations & Technology and Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain

Keep the Chain Moving

Supply Chain Interns and Rotational Associates get the opportunity to learn our diverse scope of business to help optimize our coordinated supply chain. Supply Chain internships are fast-paced and exciting 12-week, project-based roles in the summer. Supply Chain Rotational Programs last two years and consist of four 6-month rotations across a variety of roles in different businesses and functions. The rotational program provides structured development through training and mentorship, with the goal of developing strong internal talent for our Business Operations and Supply Chain organizations.

With a role in Supply Chain, you can orchestrate demand planning for a business, implement strategic sourcing and procurement initiatives, or partner on coordinated business planning. Your role as an Intern or Rotational Associate will prioritize your development and provide the support you need to reach your full potential.

Supply Chain Internships

  • 12-week program
  • Project-oriented program

Supply Chain Rotational Programs

  • 2-year program
  • Four 6-month rotations

Protein Business Operations Supply Chain Rotational Program

  • 2-year program
  • Two 12-month rotations

Preferred Majors: Marketing, Business, Agricultural Communications, Journalism, or a related degree.

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Projected for Success

Our early career Interns and Associates complete meaningful projects that make an impact.

  • Corporate Strategy and Development projects:
    1. Advise and execute inorganic growth across Cargill’s businesses (M&A, JV, divestures and equity investments)
    2. Develop growth strategies and strategic plans at the corporate, regional and business level
  • Merchandising and Trading projects:
    1. Generate market, position and profit & loss reports based on market data
    2. Synthesize data, such as supply and demand drivers, then translate to a game plan and bias to improve profitability
    3. Participate in broader strategy initiatives, such as business development and project management
  • Finance and Accounting projects:
    1. Lead processes and conduct efficiency analyses
    2. Improve business performance
    3. Apply accounting techniques and standard practices to execute weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting deliverables and financial statement analysis
    4. Perform financial responsibilities and evaluate cost drivers related to the projects, capital equipment, purchases and fixed assets for various Cargill plant locations
    5. Apply accounting techniques and standard practices to execute weekly,monthly, and quarterly reporting deliverables and financial statement analysis
  • Management projects:
    1. Execute on strategic pricing activities, including developing pricing strategies for product launches utilizing cutting-edge pricing technology to identify growth opportunities
    2. Manage logistics of inbound ingredients while owning commodity trading decisions across a deck of primary and biproduct ingredients
    3. Utilize formulation technology to execute on complete feed formulation
    4. Participate in the end-to-end supply chain, including the demand planning and forecasting activities, production planning, and execution of logistics
  • Supply Chain projects:
    1. Identify inventory opportunities, calculate costs and lead project deliverables
    2. Oversee and manage forecasts for a portfolio of customers
    3. Develop automated dashboards for demand planning

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“My rotational program prepared me for my future career. Being able to experience four different businesses and functions in just two years increased my ability to adapt, and gave me a better idea of where I want to be.”

Jake V., Former Supply Chain Rotational Associate

al headshot

“Leadership is the most critical skill I’ve gained in my time here. Being able to authentically affect change and motivate people across different personalities and teams is the key to a productive partnership.”

Al, Former Finance and Accounting Associate


“During my summer internship, I had the opportunity to take on a large project from start to finish. I met with stakeholders, traveled to plants and developed my analytical skills. It was inspiring to see how invested others were in my success and future at Cargill.”

Emma, Former Supply Chain Intern


“The opportunity Cargill gave me to immediately make a tangible and substantial impact energized and challenged me to be my best.”

Rose, Former Corporate Strategy and Development Intern

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