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Collaboration Drives Transformative Research & Development

How does Cargill do meaningful work with a global impact? We have a team of professionals like you who collaborate on cutting-edge scientific research and development. Their work is innovative, customer-driven and purpose-driven. Learn how we innovate to reimagine what's possible.

Collectively, we share a desire to nourish the world safely, responsibly and sustainably – because there’s always more to be done in areas such as bioindustrial renewable materials and food & feed ingredients on a mass scale. We’re always thinking about the future, pushing to innovate and develop the next big breakthrough. Regardless of your scientific background, there is a place for you at Cargill doing meaningful work with global impact.

At The Bench

What innovations are we creating right now in R&D? Here are a few of our recent projects.

  • Discovering Alternative Protein

    Our teams are developing new ways to emulate the taste and texture of animal protein using plant-based and fermentation-derived techniques both individually and in combination.

  • Expanding Fermentation capabilities

    We’re hard at work developing new and more efficient techniques that are revolutionizing the process of fermentation from innovation to implementation.

  • Developing New Bioindustrials

    We’re selecting, modifying and reacting various nature-based chemistries to help customers increase performance and lower costs – in a responsible, sustainable manner.

Science Fuels Innovation

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& Inclusion

Our inclusive culture helps us shape the future of the world.

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