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Finance Associate Q&A

Get to know a pro.

Evan Stedronsky, Global Finance ERP Coordinator and Program Manager, Cargill Finance and Data Technology Organization

How did your internship/associate position challenge or prepare you for the next step in your career?

My positions within the Finance Associate Rotational Program prepared me for my current role and the next step in my career because of the different experiences I got through the program. I had the opportunity to hold three completely unique roles throughout the program. Each provided different learning experiences that contributed to my development. These experiences include both technical skills such as use of technology and data tools, and soft skills such as presenting and working with people. Both are absolute necessities in order to succeed in my current role.

What would you say is the most valuable skill you learned in your time at Cargill?

The most valuable skill I have learned in my time at Cargill is the ability to process, navigate and get through change. Change is inevitable, and you will experience change throughout your life and your career. Through my time at Cargill, I have learned the importance of embracing change and taking all the learnings, both good and bad, as positives toward future development.

How do you describe Cargill both as a company and employer to your friends and family?

I describe Cargill as an incredible company committed to serving the world and delivering on critical work to help keep the world fed. I tell friends and family I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work for Cargill. They take care of their people, have a fantastic work-life balance and provide non-stop development opportunities for you to continue to grow throughout your career. I really am fortunate and proud to call Cargill my employer.

Were you able to see the impact of your work/responsibilities in your internship/associate program? Without sharing any confidential or proprietary information, share the impact you made. What did it mean to you and your career?

I have absolutely been able to see the impact of my work throughout all of my different roles within Cargill. This gives me a great sense of pride and achievement, as well as motivation to keep learning and growing and striving to achieve more. I helped directly develop six management reporting applications within our tool to help provide greater visibility into Cargill’s financials at much quicker speeds.

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