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Engineering Associate Q&A Testimonial

Learn from those who came before.

Joshua R. Associate Q&A Testimonial:

How much did you know about Cargill prior to applying? What was your perception of it as a place to work?

I had heard of Cargill before applying. I knew that they work in food and are a global company. I soon realized that Cargill does so much more than “just food” and have operations anywhere I can imagine. I also heard the phrase “we put our people first,” and that really resonated with me. I knew Cargill is a company that values their people and takes pride in nourishing the world I wanted to be a part of that.

How did your internship/associate position challenge or prepare you for the next step in your career?

From my first day, I was welcomed with open arms and given projects that were meaningful to the plant. I felt valued and really a member of the team. I was challenged by the technicality of what I was doing. It was only corn (I naively thought to myself), how hard could it be? I soon realized all the different products that come from a single kernel of corn. These experiences prepared me for the realities of working in a plant environment – it isn’t always easy, but I can guarantee it’s worth it.

How do you describe Cargill as both a company and employer to your friends and family?

I would describe Cargill as a company that puts their people first. There is no ounce of product that is more important than people’s safety, which is made clear by the ample funds, time and energy spent making sure each person has been fully trained, has the right physical tools to help them do the task, and the correct mental tools to recognize when they need to slow down. Slow to speed up is our rule of thumb.

Were you able to see the impact of your work/responsibilities in your internship/associate program?

I was definitely able to see the impact I made. Especially with my internship. I left for six months and came back full-time and the projects I worked on were still being used and valued.

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