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Discover the Science of Safety

We’re doing big things every day at Cargill as we push toward our collective mission of nourishing the world. It’s a mission that takes bright minds, big ideas, hard work and even a little risk. That’s why we place such a high priority on safety – safety for our teams that deserve a working environment that’s both safe and supportive, and safety for our customers who rely on our products to feed their families. Join our team and help us continue to innovate safely.

Environment, Health
and Safety

Protecting Our People

An Environment, Health and Safety co-op, internship or full-time role exposes you to the development and implementation elements of Cargill’s overall safety and/or environmental management systems. A key element of your experience will be interacting with employees across all levels, from production workers to business leaders, as you evaluate trends, conduct root cause analyses, implement safety programs or participate in government and compliance-related activities. Cargill goes above and beyond the call of safety to research, develop and implement the most ergonomic and employee-focused policies and equipment.

We’re always investing in resources that improve the health and safety of all employees, and you can be a part of this important process. By helping us reduce risk, you can create change and make an impact today, tomorrow and beyond.

Preferred Majors: Environment, Health and Safety Majors: Engineering, Economics/Human Factors, Environmental Sciences, Fire Safety, Occupational Safety or a related degree.

Two people in safety gear walking around a construction site
A woman in protective gear smiling in a food plant

Food Safety, Quality
and Regulatory

Make Quality Your Priority

Within a co-op, internship or full-time associate role, you will develop skills, be empowered to innovate and provide invaluable work that benefits operations. You will do this while working in an exciting plant environment in a variety of temperatures and shifts. It can get hot, cold, wet or even a little sticky. Depending on the location, you may be required to occasionally work second or third shift hours. Safety will be your number one priority as you test and validate samples, utilize instrumentation, audit processes and assess product quality. The results will ensure that the food products we send to customers meet the high quality and safety standards we have committed to in our mission to nourish the world. Assuring all aspects of our plants are food safe and working toward the overall success of these plants while learning foundational processes will establish you as a professional. Knowledge and experience is integral to our processes and will propel your career forward.

Preferred Majors: Food Safety, Quality and Regulatory Majors: Animal Science, Biology, Chemistry, Food Science, Microbiology, Meat Science or a related degree.

Research and Development

Where Innovation
Can Make an Impact

As a Research and Development intern, you will work with a team of professionals conducting research in a lab or interpreting massive amounts of data to help create a positive impact on our world through cutting-edge scientific R&D. You’ll gain access to a broad network that gives you the opportunity to make a difference by doing real work that matters. This is the home of the curious and passionate technical experts at Cargill, and we’re always searching for more bright minds to join this global network. Together, we will solve problems, apply solutions and nourish the world.

Preferred Majors: Research and Development Majors (graduate and doctoral degrees): Animal Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Fermentation, Food Science, Life Science, Meat Science, Microbiology, Chemistry or a related degree.

Women inspecting food

Program Benefits

No matter who you are or where you are, we have resources to meet your needs. As an Intern, you’ll have access to a wide variety of programs to support you and help you thrive. Eligible programs and incentives include:

Our University Program provides you with training, mentorship, networking and exposure to leadership that will benefit you now and into your future career.

Work, family, relationships — sometimes it’s a challenge to balance everything in your life and not feel overwhelmed. We have got resources to help.

With comprehensive learning resources at your disposal, you can take your learning in any direction.

Our housing and relocation assistance programs reduce barriers and create ease in taking the next step in your career.

Research, Food Science and
Environmental Safety Career Path

Decide Where You Want To Go

Health & Safety
Management Intern
Ergonomics Coordinator/
Health & Safety
Health & Safety
Management Associate
kelsey headshot

Kelsey D.
Iowa State University, Industrial Engineering

Health & Safety
Specialist II
Environmental Health &
Safety Specialist III

Kelsey D.
Iowa State University, Industrial Engineering

Global Food Research
Food Material Scientist,
Global Food Research
Tristan headshot

Tristan L.
University of Colorado – Boulder, Chemistry and
Purdue University, Food Science PhD

Senior Food Scientist
Prebiotic Program
Aqua Portfolio Manager

Tristan L.
University of Colorado – Boulder, Chemistry and
Purdue University, Food Science PhD

Projected for Success

Our early career Interns and Associates complete meaningful projects that make an impact.

  • Environment Health and Safety Projects:
    1. Elevate trends, conduct root cause analyses, implement safety programs or participate in government and compliance related activities.
    2. Develop and implement elements of Cargill's overall safety and environmental management systems.
  • Food Safety Quality and Regulatory Projects:
    1. Utilize instrumentation to determine if product meets quality standard.
    2. Ensure physical food safety and participate in continuous improvement initiatives to guarantee consumer-safe products.
    3. Conduct testing procedures and provide proper documentation of processes.
  • Research and Development Projects:
    1. Research alternative ingredients and create new product versions that maintain product quality, flavor profile, sensory components and customer satisfaction.
    2. Find innovative ways to utilize food surplus to create other products or develop customer solutions.
    3. Create software programs to identify patterns of deliveries at our facility to better predict when most deliveries are received.

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Broc D Headshot

“My internship served as an excellent trial run, during which I was able to learn and observe Cargill's culture and values. For me, my experience as an Intern validated that joining Cargill full time would not only be a great "first job" after college but also as a full career that I wanted to pursue.”

Broc D., Former EHS Intern

Luz C Headshot

“I have been supported as an intern each year and I perceive Cargill to be a great place to work for young professionals. Cargill makes the transition from students to interns smooth because there is a supportive team that works to build you up and set you up for success.”

Luz C., Former EHS Intern

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