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Meet Paulo Dantas

Paulo Dantas Headshot

Internship: Continuous Improvement Intern
Current Role: Project Analyst for MESH/SAP Plant Maintenance and Material Management
University: State University of Santa Cruz, Brazil
Degree: Manufacturing Engineering 

Growing up, Paulo was familiar with Cargill. His region of Brazil is well known for cocoa and chocolate processing, and home to a few production plants. When it came time to start applying to internships, he turned to the Cargill internships as his first choice. He waited patiently for the application window to open so he could apply for his shot at one of the coveted spots. After two rounds of interviews, Paulo was hired. He quickly learned that Cargill was much more than cocoa and chocolate. He could put his engineering degree to use on soy, corn and a variety of other products not grown in his region. He got to work on real-life projects, like creating a platform that could manage key processing indicators. In his role in Continuous Improvement, he frequently collaborated with Production, Maintenance and Supply Chain teams to complete his project. Paulo’s work on the new platform earned him frequent praise from colleagues impressed with their ability to remotely track processes. During his internship, Paulo learned that he was able to tackle almost any challenge that came his way and to do more than he thought was possible.

What made you choose Cargill?

Cargill is a big company and one thing that helped me make the decision to join was their unique internship process. I realized that at Cargill, I could discover a new passion. For example, I started in Continuous Improvement, I never thought to work in maintenance; and now I work in maintenance. I just love it.

What is one thing that surprised you about Cargill?

The thing that made my eyes light up was that I could discover new passions. And especially because I live in a city that loves cocoa and chocolate. It is our main product. I could work with soy, corn and other products, but they are totally different from my region. And I just love this option.

How has your work as an intern made a difference for the company?

I hear from employees about the work I did on a processing project. Employees tell me all the time, “It’s so much easier now.” My team from that project entered into a competition for the best projects at Cargill and I was the only intern on the team. I’m very proud of that work.

The thing that made my eyes light up about working at Cargill was that I could discover new passions. - Paulo D Continous Improvement Intern to project Analyst for SAP Maintance and Material Management.