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Meet Navita Singhal

Software Engineering Senior Supervisor

When Navita isn’t working on global projects that measure sustainability performance across the industry, she’s working on stretch assignments to develop new methods for using generative AI driven solutions to help Cargill grow in different domains so we can work faster and more efficiently. Wow, truly mind blowing.

Based out of our Bangalore office in India, she and her team are currently hard at work building a sustainability measurement digital platform in partnership with many other leading agriculture tech organizations. As one of her longest running projects, this important initiative develops solutions for reporting traceability and sustainability performance across industry supply chains.

Navita enjoys the positive work environment and culture at Cargill, as well as the satisfaction of working in the data space while creating an impact with technology.

What drew you to Cargill, and even more specifically working in DT&D?
I was interested in joining Cargill because of its global scale and the meaningful work to nourish the world in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Cargill’s vision and mission really aligns with me, and I wanted to create an impact in people’s lives. What makes me stay, is the work culture, and collaborative and innovative mindset, which enable me to innovate and work on new technologies.
What key attributes are most important for someone to be successful working in DT&D at Cargill?
To be successful working in Digital Technology & Data, it’s important to have these three attributes:
1. Have a learning mindset. Be ready to learn new technology and keep evolving yourself.
2. Be innovative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.
3. Be collaborative. You can’t do it alone, so work with your team.
What advice would you give a new candidate to prepare them for a career in DT&D at Cargill?
There are many people on my team who joined us from undergrad university, and I always tell them that is a great place to start. There, they will learn about the projects and applications we are working on, as well as upskilling opportunities. If you want a career in software engineering at Cargill, you’ll need a basic understanding of AI, generating code, and different technology languages. But most importantly, you need to have a learning mindset to learn new skills and be a collaborative team player. Be collaborative with AI, not just humans, because technology is changing every day and every second.


Cargill is a great place to work because it lets me be authentic. My ideas and my innovations are valued. My contribution is valued, and it is creating an impact in nourishing the world.