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Meet Landon Leischner

North America Service Assurance Manager

Although Landon grew up surrounded by agriculture, he had never really heard of Cargill until he attended a career fair in college. This visit inspired him to join Cargill’s internship program and after several rotational internships, he started full-time with Cargill in 2010 and has never looked back.

In his current role, he and his team are helping Cargill deliver application and infrastructure support for 500+ Cargill facilities across North America. Some of their responsibilities include ensuring our technology services are meeting our businesses needs, managing escalations, and partnering with other delivery teams across the globe – including one of our application delivery partners (Cognizant) – to ensure we are successfully delivering a large portion of our non-SAP portfolio of applications.

What brought you to Cargill?
I grew up in a small farming town in Minnesota, and I have relatives that farm in North Dakota. When attending the North Dakota State University career fair, I met people from Cargill, and I thought it was very interesting to hear about the variety of technology roles offered at Cargill. When I learned more about the wide variety of areas across IT – from audit to project management to development – I couldn’t believe I could do all this in IT at Cargill. I was interested in learning more, so I joined their internship program over the summer. I got to network with different people, took business analysis training and worked on real projects. When I became a full-time employee, I had the opportunity to participate in a rotational program that offered a framework of roles to experience over three to five years. The program paired you up with a group of peers, some of whom are also leaders in the North America Delivery Center.

Because I still have an opportunity to help out on the farm, I continue to feel the same passion for Cargill, its purpose and its connection to the community I grew up in.
What made you choose Cargill over other technology companies?
I liked the flexibility that Cargill offered, and that you weren’t paved into a certain career path like some of the other companies I toured with in southern Minnesota. With other companies, the excitement just wasn’t there. Cargill’s model allowed you to move into other roles and try new things. I was able to own my career and drive my path forward.
What are the most important qualities to be successful within Digital Technology & Data?
I think it boils down to three themes:
1. Be curious. Cargill is large and complex. You can't just assume everything will be told to you; you have to ask questions.
2. Network. It’s impossible to understand all the aspects of Cargill. It's not necessarily what you know; you will never know all the information. It’s understanding how to learn from who you know. I think the most successful people do that well, and I think the culture of Digital Technology & Data is conducive to sharing. People are willing to meet with you, willing to chat and willing to help.
3. Own your career. There isn’t a formalized path that tells you you're going to do this, then this, then this. You have to figure out what you want to do. Be willing to try different things.


Cargill provides you a unique opportunity to learn and grow and achieve your career aspirations while nourishing the world. I find it very rewarding knowing that you are part of that purpose.