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Intern to Full Time

Hans found his internship at Cargill so rewarding that he took a job with us when it finished. The beginning of a career journey is always exciting, and he’s found ways to thrive and grow. Here’s what he’s learned.

Hans Alnando Headshot

Internship: Business Development, Jakarta, Indonesia
Current Full Time Role: Marketing Analyst, Singapore
University: National University of Singapore
Degree: Marketing, minor in Economics 

What’s the most significant difference between your internship and full-time employment?

The most significant difference is the exposure to the projects, resources and people at Cargill. I can finally spend the bulk of my work time diving deeper into the projects that I am assigned to and can gain more exposure to the different aspects of the company.

Did you make connections during your internship that guided your decision to join Cargill?

The people in Cargill definitely played a big part in my decision to join full time. My experience with the team I work with has always been amazing, as my supervisors and colleagues are very supportive. I’ve always been given room to explore new tools and working processes, allowing me to drive the desired results better.

What’s the culture like as a full-time employee?

I’ve found the culture to be ‘nurturing’, ‘trusting’ and ‘friendly’. It is ‘nurturing’ because it gives me the avenue to learn and improve myself as I do my work. It is ‘trusting’ because the people trust my personal work processes – which is a significantly positive aspect, in my opinion. It is ‘friendly’ as my colleagues and supervisors, even though most are much older than me, treat me well and in a very friendly way.

How is Cargill helping you push the boundaries of your career?

Cargill is helping me reach my goals by giving me materials that I can work with and the tools and opportunities to learn, experiment and develop myself better.  As a fresh graduate, there are definitely a ton of next steps for me. But right now, I’m most excited to work with the latest tools and technology. Tools like machine learning and automation can definitely be applied in the line of work I am currently in, and I’m hoping to use them to transform and improve the results of my work.

I really love Marketing, so working for a global company gives me the opportunity to understand different markets. Hans A, Business Development - Regional Marketing Analyst