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Meet Gaby Vega

Data Engineering Lead

When Gaby’s last employer moved their operations back to the United States, she started looking for work in Costa Rica. There, Cargill was not known for all the great technology work they do; they were known for processing chicken. She applied for a different position but based on her profile, skillset, and Cargill’s amazing recruiting team, Cargill found her to be a much better fit for a leadership role. After speaking with some of her peers and hearing what a great place Cargill was to work, she happily accepted the offer back in 2020. And we’re so glad she did because she is making a difference by not only helping Cargill solve business problems, but by helping women and young professionals start their careers in IT.

Based out of Costa Rica, Gaby and her global team are responsible for moving, transforming and making data consumable for business users by providing data and reports for enterprises and functions. They are helping Cargill meet business needs by providing data that can be consumed to make informed based decisions.

Tell us about your leadership role in Global CWIT (Women in Information Technology) at Cargill?
As an engagement lead for the LATAM chapter, I highly value this role. Along with some of my colleagues in Costa Rica, we network with university and non-profit institutions to foster inclusion for women in technology. In IT, it is important that everyone have the same opportunities to work in technology, so we help women – and anyone – with recruiting efforts and provide training courses to those who don’t have technical background but aspire for better jobs. By training women on programming fundamentals and tools like PowerBI, we are teaching them skills that open up new opportunities for them. We also visit high schools and early career centers to help young professionals learn how to be engineers and start their careers. We provide them support that they may not have at home. We have many success stories and I’m proud to be giving them opportunity.
What key qualities are most important for someone to be successful working in Digital Technology & Data (DT&D at Cargill?
To be successful working in DT&D, these key qualities are important:
Eagerness to learn – keep learning and asking questions
Business acumen – make sure you understand the business problem you’re trying to solve with technology
Agility and ability – be able to keep up in a fast-paced environment by making improvements and simplifying processes and by solving problems
Be inclusive – diversity, equity and inclusion bring out the best of people in DT&D so be culturally aware of your environment and enjoy the people you work with.
How is Cargill's technology work different than other technology companies you have worked?
Nourishing the world in a sustainable environment, make a difference. Learning, applying skills, and just feeling good about what you’re doing makes all the difference.


As a leader in the Cargill's Women in Technology network, I'm proud to be helping young women start their careers in engineering and information technology. I love hearing their success stories and know that I am paving the way for others like me.