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Meet Bea Holloway

Bea Holloway Profile

Internship: Engineering Placement Student
University: University of Birmingham, United Kingdom
Degree: Chemical Engineering

The opportunity to do real work. That’s what helped Bea make the decision that Cargill was the right place for her to complete her placement year. She hadn’t heard much about Cargill prior; she just knew they were part of the food industry in the U.K. But she was impressed by the active role she would play on her team at Cargill, even as an intern. The ability to gain as much experience as possible was crucial in her decision. As a Process Improvement Engineer at a plant that processes rapeseed oil, she’s worked on continuous improvement projects that help save her plant money and increase efficiency. She’s been able to take the knowledge and experience she gained in university and apply them to real-life situations. Being a core part of her team has made her placement experience invaluable.

What type of role are you looking for post-graduation?

I want to do something similar to what I’m doing in my internship, but in a higher role; still doing technical work but managing more projects and bigger projects. I’m looking for more responsibility and hope that could lead to managerial positions.

Have you been able to see the impact of your work?

I work on quite a small team, so I’m heavily involved in several day-to-day tasks where I definitely see my impact. I look forward to working on some bigger scale projects. I think then my impact will be even more noticeable.

Do you collaborate with other teams?

As a Process Engineer, I work closely with the maintenance team, cleaners and operations. I also get to collaborate with external companies. I know there will be more of it in the future.

I'll be involved in a project to optimize and make changes to my unit. Essentially, I'm part of projects where I'm using my university knowledge/experience to apply to real-life situations. Bea H, Engineering Placement Student Quote