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Asya V HeadshotMeet Asya V.

Senior Team Manager of BOSC Plant Finance Domain

Before Asya joined Cargill Bulgaria, she studied Finance and Accounting at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Her studies, as well as her professional experience in various international companies, shared service centers and audit companies, laid the perfect ground for her career at Cargill. After joining as an Accountant Analyst in the Record to Report (RTR) department, Asya built her career step by step and is now taking over the role of Senior Team Manager of BOSC plant finance domain at Sofia center. It’s this culture of growth and development at Cargill that stands out for Asya. When she applied, she also wanted to join a multinational company with a mission that she strongly supports: feeding the population globally. She values the people-oriented culture, the openness for change that she sees everywhere in the company and in her colleagues, and the inclusive and innovative mindset that create an ever-evolving work environment. Asya is proud to lead her teams by example, to motivate and inspire them and give them the appreciation and recognition that they deserve.

What made you choose Cargill?

Cargill is a huge international company with immeasurable opportunities for professional growth and development. When I was offered the job, I accepted it with great pleasure and a strong motivation to further value and support the company’s mission and vision – and to further grow within the organization.


What’s your favorite part of your workday?

During my six years with the company, I witnessed and learned that what matters at the end of the day, is the people you work with. So, this is my favorite part of my workday: to meet and greet my colleagues, to drive change together, to overcome obstacles, share ideas and achieve results. And at the same time being one big community where people support each other and treat everyone with dignity and empathy.

What are you most proud of in your work?

I’m so proud of the successful teams we managed to build over the years and all the amazing and motivated colleagues we are working with. Together, we have managed to build a top-quartile organization and a center of excellence on an EMEA-wide level with best-in-class talent that is widely recognized across the company. I’m also proud of the center’s growth so far: growing the teams into the fields of management reporting, financial planning and analysis, controlling, statutory accounting and many more new functions like IT, Master Data Management and Administrative support. 

 How would you describe the working culture at Cargill?

Our working environment is very positive and friendly. It’s a workplace that promotes employees’ safety, growth and goal attainment, encouraging us to perform to our highest ability. I would define the working environment as being a productive one, having open and honest communication between people, compassionate team members, positive reinforcement, growth opportunities, positive thinking and a good work-life balance. Cargill is a family! The type of environment we have at Cargill is leading to employees’ success and happiness both personally and professionally.

RTR Accountant Analyst to RTR Team Lead to RTR Team Manager to RTR Senior Team Manager

Cargill is unique because of our very dynamic, quickly growing and changing environment where people can release their fullest potential and gain diverse professional experiences. Asya, RTR Senior Team Manager Quote

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