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EHS Engineer

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Job ID NAN01697 Date posted 04/08/2021 Location : Nantong, China

The EHS Engineer is a subject matter authority that complies with environmental, health and safety regulations. In this role, you will lead, at low-to-medium complex facility, or help lead, at high complex facility, the implementation, execution and maintenance of the environmental, health and safety and process safety management systems. You will be responsible for in-depth understanding and application of safe, compliant operational practices and demonstrate compliance with company policy, work processes, programs and standards.
EHS Engineer是符合环境、健康和安全法规的主题机构。在此职位上,您将在中小型复杂设施中领导环境、健康和安全及过程安全管理系统的实施、执行和维护,或帮助领导高复杂设施。您将负责深入了解和应用安全、合规的运营实践,并证明符合公司政策、工作流程、计划和标准。

•    Support the plant manager in facilitating the community and governmental interaction and the external reputation.
•    Support contractor environmental, health and safety requirements during construction phase and help test and evaluate environmental, health and safety performance according to design during project startup phase.
•    Partner with regional domain and country environmental, health and safety to support management of site impact assessments, operating permits and construction permits.
•    Support suitable training content and delivery mode, in line with global and regional requirements, conduct gap assessment to identify training needs, adjusting curriculum to reflect site specific needs and deliver training.
•    Partner with key site or project leaders to integrate and operationalize environmental, health and safety programs and drive culture of safety, compliance and continuous improvement.
•    Understand, localize and integrate company and legally required work processes, programs and controls into site level operating procedures, tools, and work instructions to standardize front line processes and monitor, analyze and adjust for improved performance.
•    Ensure strong alignment of goals, metrics and targets with plant vision and targets and govern site performance targets together with plant and site leadership team and consult on planning, issue and incident response and operational environment, health and safety and process safety compliance.
•    Independently solve moderately complex issues with minimal supervision, while escalating more complex issues to appropriate staff.
•    Other duties as assigned
•    支持工厂经理促进社区和政府互动以及外部声誉。
•    在施工阶段支持承包商的环境、健康和安全要求,并帮助在项目启动阶段根据设计测试和评估环境、健康和安全性能。
•    与区域领域和国家环境、健康和安全合作,支持现场影响评估、运营许可证和施工许可证的管理。
•    支持适当的培训内容和交付模式,根据全球和区域要求,进行差距评估,以确定培训需求,调整课程,以反映现场的具体需求,并提供培训。
•    与关键现场或项目负责人合作,整合和运营环境、健康和安全计划,推动安全、合规和持续改进的文化。
•    了解、本地化和整合公司和法律要求的工作流程、程序和控制措施到现场级别的操作程序、工具和工作说明中,以标准化前线流程并监控、分析和调整以提高绩效。
•    确保目标、指标和目标与工厂愿景和目标保持有力一致,并与工厂和现场领导团队一起管理现场绩效目标,并咨询规划、问题和事件响应以及运营环境、健康和安全以及流程安全合规性。
•    独立解决中等复杂问题,监督最少,同时将更复杂的问题升级为适当的员工。
•    分配的其他职责


•    Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience
•    Minimum of two years of related work experience
•    Other minimum qualifications may apply
•    相关领域或同等经验的学士学位
•    至少两年相关工作经验
•    其他最低资格可能适用


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