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Assistant Engineer

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Job ID HUA00200 Date posted 06/29/2020 Location : Huanghua, China
Position Purpose职位设置目的
Work with production supervisor to organize daily plant operation; ensure the process safety, people safety and excute company EHS and Food Safety policy; Good product quality control and achieve production KPI. Work with BP engineer to optimize auto control.

Principal Accountabilities主要职责

- 协助主管进行安全和食品安全管理,组织日常培训,负责培训记录的整理,幸免事故汇报
- Help supervisor to do safety and Food safety management, organize safety training and collect the training record, submit nearmiss report in Enablon system 20%
- 协助主管进行车间日常生产管理,关注生产指标,能够分析异常指标并跟踪处理
- Assist supervisor in daily production management, track KPI and perform analysis for abormal index 15%
- 组织团队成员和承包商的相关培训,协助完成考勤记录
- Orginaze related training for team member and contractors, complete attendance management 10%
- 跟进CI/ACI项目进度,能够主动参与持续改
- Track CI and ACI activities, and join in continuous improvement 20%
- 与其他部门相关同事的工作沟通,协调安排;参加维修电气工单周会
- Communication and coordination with other colleagues in different department, attend WO weekly meeting with RM/AEI 10%
- 加强工艺,原理,安全知识等学习, 学习BP文件并执行BP要求,学习使用MOC
- Enhance process, principle, safety knowledge leaning, learn and execute BP requirement, learn to use MOC 10%
- 车间各种生产资料归档整理,ISO体系文件更新
- Production documents file and sort out, update ISO system files. 5%
- 上级安排的其他工作
- Any other duties as assigned 10%

Essential Position Requirements基本职位要求
• 良好的英语听说读写能力 Good ability for English listening, speaking, reading and writting
• 基本的Office, PI, Maximo, Enablon等工作软件应用能力 Basic work software using, such as Office, PI, Maximo, Enablon etc.
• 良好的安全和食品安全知识 Good safety and food safety knowledge.
• 理解大豆压榨生产工艺和机械设备 Understand the soybean crush process and equipment.
• 能够适应高温,噪音,粉尘的工作环境 Accept the high temperature, noisy, dusty working environment.
• 能够适应倒班工作 Accept shift work

Required Qualifications(基本要求)
- 粮油、食品、化工、机械等专业本科及以上学历
- Bachelor and above in oil or chemical
- 从事食品,饲料,化工或者粮油行业至少一年的工作经验
- Working on food, feed, chemical or oilseeds industry at least one year.
Skills (applied knowledge and technical skills directly related to this position)
- 工艺设备知识 Process equipment knowledge
- 安全和食品安全知识 Safety and food safety knowledge.
- 良好的问题分析和处理能力 Good analytical and problem solving skills.
- 积极主动和责任心 High motivation and more responsibility.
- 良好的沟通能力 Strong communication skills.
- 良好的预见性能力Good proactive skills.
- 卓越的执行力 Strong execution abilities


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