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Lab Technician

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Job ID CHU00373 Date posted 10/15/2020 Location : Chuzhou, China


We are seeking a Microbiology Laboratory Technician III. In this role, you will ensure all testing is performed in accordance with standards, laboratory procedures and established company guidelines.

我们正在寻找一个微生物实验室技术员。 在此职位上,您将确保所有测试都按照标准、实验室程序和既定公司准则进行。


  • Sample set-up including preparation of culture media, decontamination of wastes and performing monthly environmental tests in the laboratory and in production.
  • Performs microbiological testing as per scope and miscellaneous tests as assigned by Laboratory Supervisor.
  • Practices quality assurance and quality control related to testing, including identifying nonconformities, potential nonconformities and laboratory process improvements on a continuous basis. Reports results to customers.
  • Maintains the laboratory environment and supplies including inventory of reagents, monitoring and maintenance of equipment, rotation of media stocks and disposal of retain samples.
  • You will work under minimal supervision and independently handle complex clerical, administrative, technical or customer support issues while referring only the most complex issues to higher-level staff.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 样品设置包括培养培养剂的制备、废物的净化以及在实验室和生产中每月进行一次环境测试。
  • 根据实验室主管分配的范围和杂项测试进行微生物测试。
  • 实施与测试相关的质量保证和质量控制,包括连续识别不合格、潜在不合格和实验室流程改进。将结果报告给客户。
  • 维护实验室环境和用品,包括试剂库存、设备监测和维护、介质库存轮换和保留样品的处置。
  • 您将在最少的监督下工作,并独立处理复杂的文书、行政、技术或客户支持问题,同时将最复杂的问题仅转介给更高级别的员工。
  • 分配的其他职责


  • High school diploma, secondary education level or equivalent
  • Knowledge of microbiology, preparation of culture media, laboratory equipment and basic laboratory techniques.
  • Knowledge of lab procedures and techniques.
  • Minimum of four years of related work experience
  • Other minimum qualifications may apply
  • 高中文凭、中等教育程度或同等学历
  • 微生物学知识、培养基制备、实验室设备和基本实验室技术。
  • 实验室程序和技术知识。
  • 至少四年相关工作经验
  • 其他最低资格可能适用


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