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E-commerce Account manager

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Job ID SHA01199 Date posted 06/21/2020 Location : Shanghai, China
Position Purpose & Summary
The strategic implementation of North Asia business in China is an important part of CASC's strategic planning for Asia-Pacific region in 2023, and the success of packaging and catering oil business in China is the key. In the next 10 years, we will continue to increase investment in packaging oil business to protect the market share of the overall squeezing and refining business. CASC E-commerce team had built a great start in the first fiscal year. And therefore, we hope to utilize delicacy and professional channel management and coordinate internal/external resources to seize this fast growth momentum. So that eventually to achieve profitable growth as a sustainable business model and become the trusted advisor to provide total solution to our consumers. This position will play an important role in maintaining existing channels and explore full potential of new channels.

Principal Accountabilities
销售职责:70%Sales Responsibilities:
1. 与电商渠道负责人及战略市场部门共同完成将长期目标分解为运营计划
Responsible to work with E-commerce channel lead and strategic marketing to facilitate long-term business objectives into detail operational plan
2. 依据详细运营计划与客户沟通执行,并完成KPI
Responsible for the business planning, communication, negotiation with clients, achieve KPI targets
3. 每日运营操作并提托于数据或行业洞察提供优化建议
Handle daily operation and provide commercial excellence suggestions based on data analysis or industry insights
4. 与外部合作伙伴(平台/经销商/TP)共同执行促销活动规划
Implementation promotion activities with external partners (platforms/distributors/TPs)
5. 公司内部跨部门协作以提高电商增长
Partner with internal functional team to leverage resource and drive EC channels’ growth
6. 跟进及记录运营结果并定期汇报
Operating result tracking, recording and report in routing basis
7. 客户客情关系管理及维护,以达成共赢
Customer relationship management and maintenance to achieve win-win situation

项目管理:20%Project Management:
1. 维护和监管公司品牌在各平台上的市场价格、店铺陈列和活动资源
Maintain and supervise the market price, store display and activity resources of the company's brand on all platforms
2. 建立完整的营销数据效果跟踪评测体系,定期输出调整策略达成既定销售目标
Establish a complete marketing data tracking and evaluation system, regularly export adjustment strategies to achieve the established sales objectives

其他:10%Future Development:
1. 持续了解电商发展趋势并保持公司产品和运营的同步发展
Continuously understand the development trend of the electricity supplier and keep the company's product and operation synchronized
2. 完成其他领导交办事项
Complete other tasks assigned by line manager

Education, Experience, Skills
Required qualification
1. 本科及以上学历,英语口语及书写水平良好
Bachelor’s degree or above, good English in both oral and written.
2. 至少3年电商工作经验,熟悉电商运营
At least 3 years of working experience in e-commerce, understand and familiar with EC operation
3. 良好的商业及数据敏锐度
Good business sense and data oriented
4. 思虑清晰并灵活,擅长找到问题的解决方案并执行
Clear thinking, flexible mind , good at finding solutions to their own problem, execution excellence
5. 具良好的团队精神及沟通协调能力
Good team player and communication / coordination ability
6. 能接受少量出差(每月约2次,每次2天)
Some business travel is required (approx. 2 times per month, 2 days each time)

Preferred qualification

1. 具备创业家精神及主人翁精神。步调快,精力充沛,个性外向,能在不需过多监督下独立完成工作
Entrepreneurship and ownership. Fast paced, energetic, outgoing and able to work independently without excessive supervision
2. 很强的责任心;能在相对动态,不确定性,及压力下工作
Strong accountability; comfortable to work under dynamic, ambiguity and high pressure
3. 在跨国企业/快消成功工作经验者优先
Successful MNC / FMCG working experience is a plus
4. 良好的谈判能力和沟通能力,擅长内部沟通和外部洽谈
good negotiation and communication skills. Good at internal communication and external negotiation


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