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Sr EHS Supervisor

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Job ID RIZ00001 Date posted 09/23/2020 Location : Rizhao, China


The Sr EHS supervisor will apply technical knowledge of process safety to deploy corporate standards to handle hazardous processes. We seek an experienced professional who will manage our safety teams and guide the development of strategies to deploy, implement and sustain corporate process safety risk management standards and ensure prevention of serious process safety events.

Sr EHS supervisor将运用过程安全技术知识,部署公司标准来处理危险流程。我们寻求一位经验丰富的专业人员,负责管理我们的安全团队,并指导制定战略,以部署、实施和维持公司流程安全风险管理标准,并确保预防严重的流程安全事件。


  • Assess complex environmental, health and safety risks, opportunities and impacts using your knowledge of industry best practices, standards and regulations, and advise on potential impacts to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Lead the development of programs and processes involving little interpretation and variation to execute the environmental health and safety strategy following all regulatory guidelines.
  • Identify and implement changes to support continuous improvement of complex environment, health and safety programs and processes.
  • Provide operational leadership to the audit, inspection and risk assessment processes and expand as appropriate.
  • Review and analyze audit results requiring some interpretation, to confirm that the corporate, business and regulatory standards are met.
  • Guide employees on specific customer and community concerns related to all environment, health and safety topics and equips them with the information and tools they need to accurately represent Cargill on related topics.
  • Design moderately complex training solutions related to environment, health and safety issues, practices and risks used to build awareness of industry values, strategies and performance.
  • You will lead and develop a team, exhibiting authority for talent management decisions related to hiring, performance, and disciplinary actions.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 利用对行业最佳实践、标准和法规的了解评估复杂的环境、健康和安全风险、机会和影响,并就对内部和外部利益相关者的潜在影响提供建议。
  • 领导制定涉及很少解释和变化的程序和流程,以按照所有监管准则执行环境健康和安全战略。
  • 确定并实施变革,以支持持续改进复杂的环境、健康和安全计划和流程。
  • 为审计、检查和风险评估流程提供运营领导,并酌情进行扩展。
  • 审查和分析需要一些解释的审计结果,以确认公司、企业和监管标准是否得到满足。
  • 指导员工了解与所有环境、健康和安全主题相关的特定客户和社区问题,并为他们提供所需的信息和工具,以准确代表嘉吉的相关主题。
  • 设计与环境、健康和安全问题、实践和风险相关的适度复杂的培训解决方案,用于提高对行业价值观、战略和绩效的认识。
  • 您将领导并发展一个团队,为与招聘、绩效和纪律处分相关的人才管理决策展示权威。
  • 分配的其他职责


  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of four years of related work experience
  • Other minimum qualifications may apply
  • 相关领域或同等经验的学士学位
  • 至少四年相关工作经验
  • 其他最低资格可能适用


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