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QC Engineer

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Job ID MAY00372 Date posted 01/14/2021 Location : Mahong, China

The QC Engineer ‎ will provide general quality assurance and food safety technical support in the following areas of focus: testing, data collection and analysis, process documentation and supporting knowledge transfer. You will work alongside a supervisor. Food/cultivate safety and quality assurance duties typically follow a day-to-day routine with little variation, in each of the focus areas.
QC Engineer ‎的工作重点是进行常规的质量保证与食品安全的实验室技术支持,包括测试、数据收集与分析、流程记录管理和知识转移支持。你将与主管一起工作,根据标准工作流程开展食品或养殖的质量安全工作。

•    Assists scientists or technicians by collecting and preparing samples, carrying out experiments, and making measurements with scientific equipment.
•    Provides nontechnical or basic technical support to laboratory personnel, including conducting quality checks on finished products, assisting in auditing laboratory results, handling specification changes, and maintaining customer specifications books up-to-date.
•    Follows compliance programs which includes monitoring adherence to USDA food safety regulations and other procedural compliance and operational and preoperational verification procedures as outlined for food safety.
•    Attend audits and help prepare required documents, ensuring all documentation is complete, current and verified to inform production management decisions.
•    Provide basic specification training as required, prepare and file customer claims, and build/amend specification manual as required.
•    Other duties as assigned
•    Handle basic issues and problems under direct supervision, while escalating more complex issues to appropriate staff.
•    协助科学家或技术员收集和准备样品、使用科研设备进行试验和测试。
•    向实验室人员提供基本的技术支持,包括成品质量检测、实验结果审核、产品规格变更处理以及客户产品规格手册的维护更新。
•    根据美国农业部食品安全法规以及其他相关法规的规定,监督执行操作前及操作流程以确保食品安全。
•    参与审核文档的准备,确保所有文档完整、有效并通过验证,支持生产管理决策。
•    根据需要提供产品基本数据培训,准备并归档客户投诉资料,按照要求建立或修改产品数据手册。
•    在主管指导下处理基本技术问题,将复杂的问题反馈给更高级别的技术人员。
•    其他分配的职责


•    Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience
•    Intermediate knowledge computer programs, including Microsoft Word, Excel, Access and Outlook.
•    Basic knowledge of computers including Microsoft.
•    Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
•    Food industry/meat cuts (beef and pork) knowledge.
•    Other minimum qualifications may apply
•    相关专业学士学位或同等经验者。
•    中级计算机操作能力,包括 Microsoft Word、Excel、Access和Outlook。
•    基本计算机的知识。
•    能够解读相关文件,如安全规程、操作维护说明书和程序手册。
•    食品工程或肉类切割(牛肉和猪肉)知识。
•    其他可能适用的最低资格要求

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