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Lab Technician

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Job ID LAN00475 Date posted 07/17/2020 Location : Langfang, China
Position Purpose & Summary
Cooperate with central Lab team closely and complete daily analysis & data handling accurately and timely.

Principal Accountabilities
• 确保个人,同事和设施的安全,同时积极发现工作生活中的不安全因素;15%
Ensure personal, colleagues and facilities safety. And find the unsafe factor during work and life proactively.
• 及时准确地执行日常的化学分析测试;50%
Perform daily wet chemistry analysis timely and accurately;
• 维护所使用的化验设备的正常功能;5%
Maintenance the Lab equipments function which you use;
• 按照技术实施的时间表,执行并测试新的营养参数的分析方法;5%
Deploy and trial new nutrition parameter analysis method in a timely manner according to TD schedule;
• 作为CAN中国区化验室的代表参与到全球CAN的食品安全测试项目中,例如三聚氰胺的快速检测项目;5%
Participate in global food safety test projects such as melamine as a representative of CAN China
• 每个月和所有的化验室成员合作解决质量审计中的所有缺陷项;5%
Cooperate with all Lab members to resolve all the defects identified in the quality audit on month basis.
• 每个月参与到全球BIPEA 程序。5%
Participate in global ICSP program on month basis
• 每月参与化验室的安全改进项目;5%
Participate Lab safety improvement project on month basis
• 每天将分析结果输入到化验室的LIMS系统中并保持改进化验项目的TAT; 5%
Input all analyzed data into LIMS system daily and contribute to improve TAT consistently.

Education, Experience, Skills
1.Required Qualifications
• -借助英文工具书能够理解英文资料
• Understand English documents via English reference book;
• -化学,食品,动植物营养专业,或相当的工作经历,或教育经历
• Major of Chemical, Food science, Animal or plant Nutrition, Or equivalent working experience, or educational experience
• -能长期有效地完成重复性的工作;
• Ability to perform repetitive tasks efficiently over “long” periods of time
• -能根据工作量的需要必须能够合理安排工作时间
• Must be present during scheduled work hours, and able to work as required by workload demand.
• -通过书面或口头的说明,能做好每天和每周的工作计划和进度;
• Must be able to plan and schedule daily and weekly tasks via written and verbal instructions
• -能通过最少的指导独立工作,也能和团队其他成员协作;
• Must be able to work independently, and with other team members, with minimal guidance
• -能以书面或口头的形式接受来自主管的指导;
• Must be able to receive direction from supervisory staff in written and oral form.
• -有强烈的从其他人那里学习的愿望;
• Must be a strong willing to learn from others
• - 数理统计学基础,能达到化验室技术员的测试要求;
• Perform math functions at a level that meets Lab technician testing
• - 基础动物营养知识
• Basic understanding of animal nutrition
• -熟悉电脑办公软件
• Familair with office software of computer
• -根据CAN 化验室全球的要求,接受相关的技能培训并按照计划完成相关的任务。
• Based on CAN global Lab requirement he/she will get the relevant training and complete the relevent designated task.
• -在团队里和其它专业人员一起持续发展卓越的领导力技能
• Continue to develop excellent leadership skills along with other labor

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