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Operational Formulator

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Job ID JIA00025 Date posted 06/15/2020 Location : Jiaxing, China
Position Purpose & Summary职位设置目的&概要
1. 为了成为有效率的配方师,采购和配方必须协力合作进行正确地判断
In order to become an effective formulator, the purchasing and formulation must cooperate to judge correctly.
2. 在团队中资深配方师的指导下,必须遵循 CFN China 技术团队在CNS标准所设定的规范下 (GS 与/或 1J) 不断地挑战配方中营养与原料的限制因子
Under the guidance of a senior team formulator, the CFN China Technical Team must follow the guidelines set by the CNS Standards (GS and/or 1J) to continuously challenge the nutrient and raw material limitations in the formulation.
3. 在指定的1-2个工厂执行维护配方任务,必须兼顾配方成本与产品质量
In the designated 1-2 plants, the formulation cost and quality of products must be taken into account.
4. 确保每个配方的活动都能遵循BMP,发挥领导力和各相关部门:工厂、QA,市场部、销售团队和财务协调合作,提供优化产品的服务,并将嘉吉动物营养部中国区的价值展现出来。
Ensure that each recipe's activities follow the BMP, exert leadership and cooperate with all relevant departments: Plant, QA, marketing department, sales team and finance to provide optimized product services, and demonstrate the value of Cargill Animal Nutrition Department in China.

Principal Accountabilities主要职责
1.20% 发展日常工作所需具备的能力
Develop ability of daily work
• 国家标准与法规限制:了解饲料行业相关的国家规范
National standards and regulations: understanding the relevant national standards in the feed industry
• 原料的知识:包含主原料的种植状况,附产物的生产流程与工艺和原料营养价值
Raw material knowledge: including the cultivation status of the main raw material, the production process and technology of the by-product and the nutritional value of the raw material
• 采购的合作:了解原料市场趋势,替代原料的价值评估,最佳供货商的选择
Procurement cooperation: Understanding the raw material market trend, valuation of alternative raw material, selection of best supplier
• 工厂生产工艺:了解工厂生产能力,如原料颗粒大小、小原料添加系统、粒状料生产流程
Plant Production Process: Understanding the plant production capacity, such as raw material particle size, small material addition system, granular material production process
• 动物各阶段的营养需求:了解动物生长表现的潜能
Nutritional needs of animals at various stages: understanding the potential of animal growth performance
• CAN 工具的应用:Bills (Autocalc, SG-Mix, Multi-Mix, Bin-Mix, G-Mix), MAX (Diet Design), 1J (Ingredients, Shadow feeds), GS (work with SMT)
Application of CAN tools: Bills (Autocalc, SG-Mix, Multi-Mix, Bin-Mix, G-Mix), MAX (Diet Design), 1J (Ingredients, Shadow feeds), GS (work with SMT)
• 部门间的沟通、协调与合作:RMS, Plant, FSQR, SMT, Commercial
Interdepartmental communication, coordination and cooperation: RMS, Plant, FSQR, SMT, Commercial
• 时间的安排与管理
Time arrangement and management

2.40% 在资深配方师的指导下进行COGS (Cost Of Goods Sold)管理
COGS Management under direction of senior formulator

• 使用 Bills 来管理产品的 margins
Use Bills to manage margins of products
• 利用配方工具Bin Mix / Multi Mix / Global Mix 协助寻找配方机会点
Use formula tools Bin Mix / Multi Mix / Global Mix to help find opportunities for recipes.
• 了解你手头上有或没有原料的价值,确保可以创造出最好的价值
Know that you have or not the value of materials on hand, and ensure that you can create the best value.
• 确保正确使用Bills内的Autocalc工具评估原料基质
Ensure proper use of Autocalc tools in Bills to evaluate raw material matrix.
• 按照计划执行R&S,确保所有配方在最适/低成本的状态
Implement R&S according to plan to ensure that all formulations are in optimal / low cost condition.
• 挑战转换因子,确保在多变的原料市场获得最好的价值
Challenge the conversion factor to ensure the best value in the changeable raw material market.
• 定期应用 CANKO/ SPR 检视配方的机会点
Regularly apply CANKO/ SPR to examine the opportunity points of recipes.
• 在产品上挑战原料以及营养设限的状况,并与 TAM 合作确保产品满足客户的期待
Challenge raw materials and nutritional restrictions on products and work with TAM to ensure that products meet customer expectations
• 提供采购与定价流程的支持
Support purchasing and pricing process.
• 有效应用嘉吉动物营养部特有的工具(MAX, BILLS, OVS, LIMS, CANXS, FINDs, CNS update)来强化采购的BMP与支持业务发展
Effective use of Cargill Animal Nutrition Department specific tools (MAX, BILLS, OVS, LIMS, CANXS, FINDs, CNS update) to strengthen purchasing BMP and support business development

3.40% 在资深配方师的指导下进行产品质量管理
Product quality management under direction of senior formulator
• 与SMT紧密合作了解主要市场下各畜种生命周期的阶段需求,用以产品设计与市场定位
Work closely with SMT to understand the phases of livestock life cycle requirements in major markets for product design and market positioning
• 了解动物需求才能提出每日的营养配方解决方案
Understand the needs of animals before making daily nutritional solutions.
• 执行 D&C (Design & Confirmance)流程正视产品的表现
Execute D&C process and face up to product performance.
• 和采购合作以取得原料的相关知识与相对价值
Cooperate with purchasing to acquire relative knowledge and relative value of raw materials.
• 了解工厂相关生产流程 (FSQR/生产),确保做好配方管理工作
Understand plant related production process (FSQR/ production), ensure good recipe management.

Education, Experience, Skills教育背景,工作经验,专业技能
1.Minimum Required Qualifications最低要求
• 动物营养或畜牧相关专业的学士文凭
Work closely with SMT to understand the phases of livestock life cycle requirements in major markets for product design and market positioning
• 最好有相关产业工作经验。如:农场 - 动物饲养或农产管理、饲料厂 - 配方人员或销售人员
Preferably with relevant industry experience. Such as: Farm - animal feeding or farm management, feed plant - Recipe or sales personnel.
• 动物营养相关专业知识
Knowledge of animal nutrition
• 良好的沟通技能
Good communication skills
• 具备风险管理的能力
Ability to risk management
• 对于日常工作具备强大的自主能力
Strong autonomy in daily work.
• 具备良好的计算机操作技巧,包含Excel/Word/PPT
Good computer skills, including Excel/Word/PPT
• 拥有团队热情:可以和相关部门密切合作以提供客户最适合的解决方案,如TAM / FSQR / Buyer / Production / Sales / Marketing
Team enthusiasm: working closely with relevant departments to provide the most appropriate solutions for customers, such as TAM/FSQR/Buyer/Production/Sales/Marketing
• 良好的执行能力和行为能力,熟悉区域和当地的配料
Good execution capacitiy/Behaviorproficient Knowledge in the region and local ingredients

2.Preferred Qualifications更合适的要求
• 动物营养或畜牧相关专业的硕士文凭。
Master's degree in animal nutrition or animal husbandry.
• 动物营养相关专业知识
Knowledge of animal nutrition
• 良好的沟通技能 可用英语进行基本沟通
Good communication skills. Basic communication in English
• 农场饲养管理知识
Knowledge of farm feeding management
• 专业的区域和地区性原料知识
Professional knowledge of regional and regional raw materials
• 迅速的数据分析以及高敏感的商品市场变化反应,拥有良好的风险管理经验和知识
Rapid data analysis and highly sensitive response to commodity market changes, with good risk management experience and knowledge
• 有能力做任务优先级排序,在时限内完成任务,可以对影响生意的决策做出较佳选择
Ability to prioritize tasks, complete tasks within time limits, and make better choices about decisions that affect business
• 拥有强烈的解决事情的能力,关注在细节与组织的能力
Strong ability to solve problems and focus on detail and organization

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