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EHS Manager

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Job ID 150841 Date posted 09/02/2021 Location : Huanghua, China

Job Purpose and Impact

Senior EHS Supervisor is a subject matter authority in environmental, health and safety compliance. In this role, you will develop, implement, and maintain processes and programs built to assure compliance with existing federal, state and local regulations and requirements for a very complex operation with two or more highly hazardous processes, high serious injuries and fatality and serious environmental event potential.


Key Accountabilities

  • Execute controls and applicable control programs and document that control programs have been implemented as planned for very large and complex operation with high risk and exposure.
  • Define, implement and lead processes for risks, hazards and opportunity identification and determine resources required to execute.
  • Lead action plans by identifying potential emergency situations, creating emergency communication plans that addresses operation or business disruptions, recovery and social media and testing and validating the emergency action plans.
  • Promote environmental, health and safety culture through training and education solutions related to environmental, health and safety issues, practices and risks, coaching others as the need arises.
  • Prepare and execute audits and ensure compliance with legal and other requirements are met.
  • Conduct incident investigations based on incident classification and liaise with engineers, management and health and safety regulatory authorities to identify causes of accidents and prevent their recurrence.
  • Identify and review hazard, risk and opportunities on an ongoing and proactive basis and ensure that appropriate follow up actions are being implemented.
  • Lead and develop a team, coach and make decisions related to talent management, hiring, performance, and disciplinary actions.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 执行控制和适用的控制计划,并记录控制程序已按计划实施,用于高风险和高风险的复杂操作。
  • 定义、实施和领导风险、危险和机会识别流程,并确定执行所需的资源。
  • 领导行动计划,确定潜在的紧急情况,创建解决运营或业务中断的紧急通信计划,恢复和社交媒体,测试和验证应急行动计划。
  • 通过与环境、健康和安全问题、做法和风险有关的培训和教育解决方案,促进环境、健康和安全文化,并在需要时指导他人。
  • 准备和执行审计并确保遵守法律和其他要求。
  • 根据事故分类进行事故调查,并与工程师、管理层以及健康和安全监管机构联系,以确定事故原因并防止事故再次发生。
  • 在持续和主动的基础上查明和审查危险、风险和机会,并确保采取适当的后续行动。
  • 领导和发展一个团队、教练,并做出与人才管理、招聘、绩效和纪律处分相关的决策。
  • 分配的其他职责


Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in a related field or equivalent experience
  • Minimum of four years of related work experience
  • Other minimum qualifications may apply
  • 相关领域的学士学位或同等经验
  • 至少四年的相关工作经验
  • 其他最低资格可适用

Preferred Qualifications

  • Strong scientific and mathematical knowledge
  • Confirmed ability to deliver processes effectively to optimize business resources
  • Solid working knowledge of food safety industry practices and standards
  • Two years of supervisory experience
  • 雄厚的科学和数学知识
  • 已确认有效交付流程以优化业务资源的能力
  • 扎实的食品安全行业实践和标准工作知识
  • 两年的监管经验


  • 为审计、检查和风险评估流程提供业务领导。
  • 通过识别和评估高风险流程、进行流程危险分析以及制定适当的行动计划以确保符合合规标准,为流程安全和风险管理做出贡献。
  • 评估环境健康和安全风险、机会和影响、标准和法规,并就对内部和外部利益相关者的潜在影响提供建议。


  • 使复杂、数量大、有时相互矛盾的信息有意义,以有效解决问题
  • 确保问责制,追究自己和他人履行承诺的责任。
  • 使用令人信服的论据来获得他人的支持和承诺。


  • 与区域领导协调,更新国家法规和影响,管理和促进环境健康和安全管理系统的不断完善。
  • 识别和确定风险的优先顺序,并制定行动计划,以改进计划、流程和系统。
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