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Fish Collection Manager

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Job ID FOS00096 Date posted 04/29/2021 Location : Foshan, China

The Fish Collection Manager will lead, implement and execute all sales operations and tactics within an area. We seek a professional with the interpersonal skills to provide direction to frontline sales workforce professionals and supervisors. In this role, you will lead all aspects of our sales operations activities for a portfolio of products or services within a broader geographic area.
Fish Collection Manager将领导、实施和执行一个地区内的所有金鲳鱼收购销售运营和策略。我们寻求具有人际交往技能的专业人士,为一线销售人员专业人员和主管提供指导。在此职位上,您将领导我们在更广泛的地理区域内为产品或服务组合进行销售运营活动的各个方面。

•    Evaluate market potential and sales status.
•    Plan, organize and coordinate sales operations of company or organization.
•    Plan and organize sales programs, including sales methodologies, incentives, special campaigns and professional training for personnel.
•    Gain in-depth general industry as well as deep local market knowledge.
•    Supervise the day-to-day sales operations activities, executing and deploying the sales plans, vision and goals.
•    Lead and develop a team, coach and make decisions related to talent management, hiring, performance, and disciplinary actions.
•    Other duties as assigned
•    评估金鲳鱼的市场潜力和销售状况。
•    计划、组织和协调公司或组织的金鲳鱼的收购及销售业务。
•    规划和组织销售计划,包括销售方法、激励措施、特别活动以及人员专业培训。
•    获得深入的金鲳鱼行业以及深厚的本地金鲳鱼市场知识。
•    监督日常销售运营活动,执行和部署销售计划、愿景和目标。
•    您将领导并发展一个团队,为与招聘、绩效和纪律处分相关的人才管理决策展示权威。
•    分配的其他职责


•    Minimum of four years of related work experience
•    Other minimum qualifications may apply
•    至少四年相关工作经验
•    其他最低资格可能适用


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