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QA Specialist

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Job ID CHU00475 Date posted 04/02/2021 Location : Chuzhou, China

As a QA Specialist at Cargill you will complete routine analytical and laboratory testing in support of the food safety quality and operational teams. We are looking for a hardworking person who will perform routine analysis of product testing, be responsible for checking and monitoring instrumentation performance and conducting tests for which we are going to provide intermediate supervision. In this role, you will document results into databases and/or communicate test results.
作为嘉吉的QA Specialist,您将完成常规分析和实验室测试,以支持食品安全质量和运营团队。我们正在寻找一个勤奋的人谁将执行产品测试的例行分析,负责检查和监测仪器性能,并进行测试,我们将提供中间监督。在此角色中,您将将结果记录到数据库中和/或将测试结果进行通信。

•    Perform routine analysis on final, and in process, products. Guarantees finished products meet required specifications prior to releasing shipments.
•    Enters data into databases and communicates results verbally or in writing as required. Resolves problems by examining and evaluating data; selects corrective steps.
•    Assists with the evaluation and interpretation of highly complex data, identifies problems with atypical test results consulting with upper level personnel
•    Supports trials and experiments under the direction of more senior team members.
•    Performs food safety/quality leadership, coaching, and/or mentoring to facility employees.
•    You will work under minimal supervision and independently handle complex clerical, administrative, technical or customer support issues while referring only the most complex issues to higher-level staff.
•    Other duties as assigned
•    对最终产品和加工中的产品执行例行分析。 保证成品在发货前符合要求的规格。
•    将数据输入数据库,并法律要求口头或书面传达结果。通过检查和评估数据解决问题;选择纠正步骤。
•    协助评估和解释高度复杂的数据,识别非典型测试结果问题,咨询高层人员
•    在更高级团队成员的指导下支持试验和实验。
•    对设施员工进行食品安全/质量领导、辅导和/或指导。
•    在最低限度的监督下处理复杂的文书、行政、技术或客户支持问题,同时仅将最复杂的问题上报给适当的员工。
•    分配的其他职责


•    High school diploma, secondary education level or equivalent
•    Possesses proven working knowledge of laboratory instrumentation
•    Minimum of four years of related work experience
•    Other minimum qualifications may apply
•    高中文凭、中等教育程度或同等学历
•    具备实验室仪器的成熟工作知识
•    至少四年相关工作经验
•    其他最低资格可能适用

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