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Job ID BEI00290 Date posted 09/18/2020 Location : Beijing, China


The c will provide various office and location support activities to ensure consistency of documentation, availability of shared resources and compliance with company standards.

Office Admin Coordinator将提供各种办公室和地点支持活动,以确保文件的一致性、共享资源的可用性和遵守公司标准。


  • Prepare and proofread internal and outgoing documents to ensure alignment with corporate standards and business practices.
  • Coordinate and regularly update content for announcement boards, postings, screens and shared internal electronic resources.
  • Organize and facilitate events, meetings and presentations and inspect meeting facilities to ensure event requirements are met.
  • Organize trainings using mandatory employee certification matrix and maintain all related records.
  • Ensure that facilities, office and business support services operate effectively and efficiently.
  • Serve as a liaison for local authorities.
  • You will work under direct supervision and handle basic issues and problems, while referring more complex issues to higher-level staff.
  • Other duties as assigned
  • 准备和校对内部和传出文档,以确保符合公司标准和业务惯例。
  • 协调和定期更新公告板、公告、屏幕和共享内部电子资源的内容。
  • 组织和促进活动、会议和演示,并检查会议设施,以确保满足活动要求。
  • 使用强制性员工认证矩阵组织培训,并维护所有相关记录。
  • 确保设施、办公室和业务支持服务高效运营。
  • 担任地方当局的联络员。
  • 您将在直接监督下工作,处理基本问题,同时将更复杂的问题转介给更高级别的工作人员。
  • 分配的其他职责



  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field or equivalent experience
  • Other minimum qualifications may apply
  • 相关领域或同等经验的学士学位
  • 其他最低资格可能适用


  • 3 year working experience and above
  • Strong logic and data analysis ability, with certain writing skills and Organization and planning ability
  • Good at communication, good teamplayer, strong sense of responsibility, strong execution ability.
  • Familiar with office software such as PPT, Excel, and Word etc;
  • Proficientcy in English,with good skills:listening,speaking,reading and writing.
  • 3年以上工作经验
  • 逻辑与数据分析能力强,有一定文字功底和组织策划能力。
  • 善于沟通,良好的团队合作精神、强烈的责任心,执行力强。
  • 熟练使用PPTExcelword等办公软件。
  • 熟练的使用英语听说读写。

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